You’ll find delicious cheeses for every occasion and gathering

Bob & Barbara grew up in a small town where Main Street was the center of activity, a place to meet and greet your neighbors.  A place to shop for all your grocery needs, a bakery for all your sweet selections fresh bread, cookies, pies, cakes, rolls, the butcher two doors down for all you meat selections, the deli for a quick egg on roll breakfast or a lunch selection of freshly made sandwiches, homemade soups and spectacular salads.  The Dairy Barn for your milk, eggs, butter, juice.  The cheese shop for all the delicious cheese selections for any great get together when friends drop by for a visit.

This is how Blue Sky Village Market got started.  Bob & Barbara filled with these fabulous memories wanted to bring this same feel back to everyone.  The cheese shop reminded us of all the unique appetizer and fondue get together with friends and family.

Blue Sky Village Market started at one Market with unique cheese items for every taste.  The Farmers Market opened up the opportunity to unite people with items not found anywhere plus the added bonus of community.

We look forward to meeting all our neighbors and friends and sharing the fabulous cheese stories, how they taste and are made, with additional recipes for special occasions or just an every day meal.  The cheese comes from a long line of great American cheese makers that bring a special quality to every cheese we carry.